Desserts with Dat Keto Lady eBook


Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?!

I am beyond thrilled to bring this keto friendly book full of delicious sugar free sweets & treats to you!  When I began living a ketogenic lifestyle I knew in order for it to be sustainable, it was important to be able to eat sweets.  Inside you’ll find recipes for pralines, beignets and even king cake! Laissez le bon temps rouler, or as you might know it, let the good times roll! We’re gonna eat great and feel great all while getting to indulge our sweet tooth.



If you are looking for easy and delicious keto, low-carb desserts that can be made with no special ingredients then Desserts with Dat Keto Lady is the book for you. With over 75 amazing sugar free recipes, you’re sure to whip up something that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your waistline in good shape. There are New Orleans style recipes included such as pralines, king cake, and even beignets! Dat Keto Lady has you covered with the tastiest and most satisfying keto desserts in this book.

What manner of keto sorcery is this? This cookbook is A-MAZING! My forever keto sweets Bible. This is the keto/hack game changer I have been waiting for. Thank you, Christy! AKA Keto Goddess. – Wade

Even though I’m not keto, I have absolutely enjoyed every recipe that I’ve tried from Dat Keto Lady’s dessert collection. In addition to them being delicious recipes, they are simplified and easy to make.  Specifically, the pralines and the red velvet bon bons are among my favorites!

No matter what way of eating you prefer, there are many recipes in this book you’re sure to love. – Victoria

If you love desserts, you’ll love this cookbook! The recipes are easy, delicious, and so satisfying. – Danielle


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