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My name is Christy, I live in the New Orleans Metro area, and we LOVE to eat around here.
My keto journey was not one born from hopelessness, or poor health, but rather just wanting something better than what the traditional American diet had to offer. In 2018 I was overweight, but happy, nonetheless. I‘d first began dieting when I was in my 20’s. I tried everything from diet pills, to not eating, to low fat, and just about everything in between. I was not happy with anything that I tried.
Then I stumbled upon the low carb way of eating, and was very intrigued by it. It seemed very doable, and from there my journey began. I found that for the first time in my life I was able to actually eat and the scale was moving down!

Low carb has turned into keto for me because I have realized that I feel the best, physically, when I’m keeping it at 20 net carbs or less a day. I do not track every single calorie that I consume in a day, but rather keep a mental tally of how many carbs I am consuming. Most would consider my style to be lazy keto, and that’s okay. I am excited to have you along on this keto journey with me! – Dat Keto Lady


What is the keto diet?

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